Financial Services

CRM Without Compromise: A Strategy to Outsmart and Outgrow Your Competition

"CRM without compromise means taking a holistic/customer-centric approach and building a synergistic ecosystem with employees, customers and partners that consistently creates and delivers customer value."

Customer Equity

"Building and Managing Relationships as Valuable Assets"

CRM Transformation
"Strengthening customer relationships and helping to elevate customers to the Core of Your Business"

Karllestone focuses on providing a comprehensive range of services for portfolio management (PMS), advisory and sales processes, customer relationship (CRM), compliance, risk, and analytics. Acquiring the right customers is an expensive proposition, and serving those customers well is the foundation of any company. Leading value-creators focus their entire organization - from the senior managers to their front-line workforce - on winning customer loyalty, customer servicing, retention, and converting loyal customers into advocates.

Our CRM Scorecard is a robust and comprehensive tool which assist companies in understanding organizational effectiveness and how the focus on the customer with a holistic view. Financial services companies compete in a flat world where, more than ever before, competitors are intense, customers are savvier and the market place is less forgiving. Banks, insurers and capital markets companies must perform at the highest levels so they can create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders. We help move clients forward in every part of their businesses with our expertise in financial services consulting, technology and outsourcing.

BankingKarllestone's dedicated banking professionals help banks consolidate, rationalize and automate to outperform competitors by driving forward with our high powered performance analytics processes.

    Private Banking and Wealth Management
  • - Strategy and Business Engineering
  • - Legal and Regulatory- KYC
  • - Credit Risk Management
  • - IAM, RM, RIA Relationship Management Training
  • - Pipeline Management
  • - Client Reporting
  • - Mass Affluent, HNW and Ultra HNW Segmentation
  • - Technology
  • - Client and Account Opening Process
  • - Reporting and Account Aggregation
    Capital Markets

    We help capital markets leaders achieve operational excellence and differentiation, setting them on the road to high performance.

  • Fixed Income and Equity Trading Systems
  • DMA ( Direct Market Access ) Trading
  • Front and Back-office Integration
  • Cash Equities
  • Pre-Trade and Post Trade Processes
  • Compliance
    Risk Management
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Market Risk

BPOBusiness Process Outsourcing

InsuranceKarllestone helps insurers achieve high performance to deliver quality products at low cost, enabling market differentiation without back-office complexity.

    Asset and Investment Management
  • Trading Systems
  • Front-Middle-and Back-Office
  • OMS
  • Client Management and Asset Servicing
  • Exception Management
  • Corporate Actions

Mutual Funds

Retail and Pharma and Bio Tech Services

Treasury and Risk Management

Enterprise Risk and ComplianceHelp transform risk and compliance mandates into opportunities.

Organizational Effectiveness and Change Management

June 28 2013

Intermediate session on Visual and Strategic Design with Business Models

June 28 2013

Intermediate session on Visual and Strategic Design with Business Models

June 28 2013

Intermediate session on Visual and Strategic Design with Business Models

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